Using Business Green Jobs is just like using a general search engine like Google. You can quick-search from the Workhound home page, as follows:

Step 1.
Type words into the box marked 'keywords' that describe the kind of job you are looking for, such as a job title, skill or company name.
Step 2.
Type into the box marked 'Location' the city, town or post code where you want to find a job.
Step 3.
Click the 'Search' button or hit Enter on your keyboard.

Jobs will be returned that match your keywords within 25 miles of the location you specify

To find jobs containing an exact phrase, put double quotation marks around the words.
For example, enter: "Ecological designer"

The search isn't case sensitive. It makes no difference whether you enter upper or lower case letters - e.g. "sales executive" will give you the same results as "Sales Executive".